The whole world is curious to find out how the Covid 19- coronavirus was originated. When we look at China’s chart in detail,we find some startingly facts. Lagna rising is Capricorn and lagna lord Saturn has gone to the eighth house, secretive house. Moon in ascendant adds strength to the horoscope and gives them the ability to execute their plans quickly. Venus and Jupiter are placed in their own houses and Venus is the 10th lord. Mercury the 9th lord is exalted, retrograde, combust, and hemmed between two malefices Ketu and Sun. Ketu and Mercury are at close degrees.

Mars the 11th lord is debilitated and placed in the 7th house. The eleventh house is the house of desires, greed, aspirations and its lord isplaced in the 7th house of war. From here it is aspecting the lagna, Moon and the 10th house and influencing them.China’s horoscope clearly shows its greed and desire for world supremacy. 

It’s the dasha which gives direction to a nation. China was running the dasha of Saturn for 19 years. Saturn is the lagna lord placed in the eight house. From here it is aspecting the 10th house. Saturn indicates menial work and the dasha gave lots of blue collared jobs to China. Saturn also indicates masses and during its dasha Chinese people worked very hard and rose steadily. China became the manufacturing hub to the worldThey created enormous wealth and increased their economic and military might. Its connection to the second house as the second lord shows amassing large wealth during the period.

The maha dasha of Mercury started from 24 Sep 2019. As we have seen, Mercury is exalted, retrograde, combust and hemmed between two malefic Ketu and Sun with close degree conjunction with Ketu. The affiliation to Mercury and connection with 8th lord Sun is bound to give crooked actions. Mercury is in Hasta Nakshatra which is owned by 7th lord Moon. Seventh house is the house of war.

Sixth house is the house of disease in general. Eighth house is the house of hidden activities, research and laboratories andKetu is called the keet (worm or bacteria). Maha dasha lord Mercury is the sixth lord conjunct with eighth lord Sun and Ketu. The start of Mercury Maha dasha activated the combination and Coronavirus was released.  The placement of Mercury in the 9th house shows the act took place under government protection.

When I looked at Dasha pravesh of Mercury maha dasha, things start falling into place. Showing the natal chart of China below on the left and the dasha pravesh of Mercury MD on the right.

In the dasha pravesh chart, Mercury at 22:23 is at very close degree over natal Ketu 23:33. Mercury and Sun transiting over natal Mercury and natal Sun are activating their significations. They are further aspected by Saturn who is in close degree conjunction with Ketu. This is deception of the natal lord. The problem is created by the lagna lord himself. 

The 7th lord Moon in lagna lord Saturn’s nakshatra flanked with Rahu and Mars has started the war for gains and supremacy. Seventh house is also our public image and China’s public image and relation with world would be adverse during the dasha.

Conjunction of debilitated 10th lord with Mercury further points to government hand and Sun as 8th lord points to its deceptive creation in the research lab. It’s happening in the 9th house so under government protection.

It’s a plan for material gains as China for the first time in decades saw slowing economic growth and has invested very heavily in its Belt and Road initiative which has not given desired results. 

In natal chart Mercury’s close degree with Ketu points to not only biological warfare but also corporate espionage through software. Mercury- Ketu being a clear combination for computer software and Sun adding to deception. It’s a well-planned attack of China on multiple fronts. 

All Chinese software companies become suspects with the Mercury- Ketu combination in the Mercury maha dasha.I looked at the financial figures of Zoom software, one of the Chinese owned firms and found that it has become 10 times bigger in revenues during the last 4 years.

While Mercury and Ketu in natal chart is showing Coronavirus, Saturn and Ketu in Dasha Pravesh chart are showing its activation. 

The spread of Coronavirus was deliberate and was an act of war. 

Varshphal of 2 Oct 2019

Lagna between Ketu and Saturn in degree conjunction shows the start of the Coronavirus. Lagna lord Jupiter is in the 12th house in degree conjunction with Gulik and debilitated 8th lord. The virus needs water / air element to spread.

The 11th lord Venus is debilitated in the 10th house where its conjunct with two malefic Sun and Mars. 10th house is showing the ruthless murder of its people and people all over the world.

The seeds were sown at the start of Mercury Maha Dasha in September 19 when dasha running was Mercury-Mercury- Mercury and it spread everywhere in Mercury-Mercury-Ketu from 26 Jan 2020. 

There are multiple instances where Chinse firms have been found to be buying the shares of valuable companies in many countries where the stock market has crashed due to corona scare.  Mercury the maha dasha lord is also finance and business. These attempts are likely to continue and intensify in future.

As Bhagwan Krishna said in ShrimadBhagwath Gita – You shall reap what you sow. The coming years of Mercury maha dasha would make China pay for its deeds. 

Krishna’s flute will play and justice will be done. 

The previous dasha lord Saturn had 1.56 points in shad bal while Mercury has 1.05 points. The low shad bal points and affliction to maha dasha lord Mercury shows a fall from earlier position.

They stand exposed before the world and there would be repercussions for their actions.Theproblems would start in Mercury- Mercury and would intensify in Mercury- Ketu.

As my guru Sh. K.N. Rao had foretold many years back, from 2020 the world has gone to the point of no return and nothing would ever be the same again.

( The article was published in Journal of Astrology May-June 2020 edition)