Pataki Rishta Chakra and Crisis in Career

Who is more stressed and likely to die from heart attack – the over stressed boss or his underling? The results will shock you! A series of investigations of British civil servants in the 1960s called the Whitehall studies found that truth is precisely the opposite. Those at the top of the pecking order have the least stressful and most healthy lives. Cardiac arrest—and, indeed, early death from any cause—is the prerogative of underlings. Such results have since been confirmed many times, both in human societies and in other primate species with strong social hierarchies. Group of researchers at the University of Chicago looked at the effects of status on rhesus macaques and found a high risk of disease among those at the bottom. They further found that the biochemical responses to low status affect a creature’s immune system making him fall prey to disease faster. (Quoted from The Economist April 2012)

 It was confirmed that our career has a direct relation to our health!  Since Pataki Rishta chakra (PRC) determines arishta, can it also detect crisis in career? Based on this premise we applied the PRC on the horoscopes of persons who have faced crisis in their career. The main parameters seen were as under:

  • Lordship, placement and significations of Ardhyamesh  and Dandesh
  • Dasha of MD/AD/PD connected with ardhyamesh, dandesh or 2 or more malefics.
  • Synthesize the results from other methods and try a composite approach

We have taken the horoscopes of known personalities since birth time rectification has been done on their horoscopes. The dandesh changes every 18-22 minutes so it’s better that we try the research on known horoscopes. In the horoscopes of Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, we have also applied the dasha pattern with PRC to assess can PRC explain the dasha pattern. Our guru Shri K.N. Rao and our guide Ms. Shalini Dhasmana helped us with insights and suggestions and the article has been possible due to their guidance. The Ardhyamesh in Pataki Rishta Chakra (PRC) has been identified with sign Triangle and Dandesh with sign Star.

Case 1: Amitabh Bachchan

DOB – 11-10-1942, 15:59, Allahabad

Amitabh Bachchan is an iconic actor who has appeared in over 180 Indian films in a career spanning more than four decades. Bachchan is regarded as the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema. We looked at two of the major crisis in his life through Pataki Rishta Chakra.

The Ardhyamesh and Dandesh is Mars who is placed in the 8th house. Mars is the 3rd lord (8 from 8) and 10th Lord. This placement and lordship has given him phenomenal ups and downs in life. The planet Mars also gives accidents.

Event 1: Accident on 26 July 1982

The dasha running was Sat-Sun-Mer. The dispositer of MD lord Saturn, AD lord Sun and PD lord Mercury are with Mars the ardhyamesh and dandesh. MD lord Saturn is also receives vedha from Rahu, Ketu. AD lord Sun and PD lord Mercury are conjunct with Mars.

The char dasha running was Leo-Libra-Virgo. MD lord Leo is rise and fall rashi and is receiving vedha of 3 malefics Rahu, Saturn, Ketu. Its lord Sun is conjunct with Mars. AD lord Libra is receiving vedha from Mars. Virgo has Mars placed there. The transit was also very bad and Sat, Sun, Mercury the MD, AD, PD lords were transiting in 6th and 8th houses.

Event 2: Crisis in Career from Nov 1990 to 2000

Amitabh faced the mid-life crisis in career in 1990 when he was too old to do heroes roles and had a slew of flops. He went into semi-retirement and later formed a movie production and event management company ABCL. The company ran up huge losses and was finally declared bankrupt. Amitabh suffered huge losses. We analyzed these ten years through PRC.

Any major change which has a huge impact on the life of a person generally happens at the start of new Maha dasha. In his case also the problems surfaced at the start of MD of Mercury. Mercury is conjunct with Mars who is ardhyamesh and dandesh and is placed in 8th house. Mercury is in close degree conjunction with Mars, combust and is lost in planetary war to Mars. Mars had completely taken over the significations of Mercury.

Mercury-Mercury – Mars  November 1990 – April 1993. At the start of Mercury MD, his films were doing very badly and he was forced to go into retirement during the PD of Mars. Mars is Ardhyamesh and Dandesh.

Mercury- Ketu  Apr  93-94 He stayed at home and did not work at all. Ketu is receiving the vedha from Rahu and  Saturn.

Mercury- Venus  Apr 94-Feb 97 Venus is conjunct with Mars the Ardhyamesh and Dandesh.  He started ABCL during this time and ran up huge expenditure.

Mercury- Sun  Feb 97 – Dec 97 ABCL failed during this time and he was forced to file for bankruptcy of ABCL. Sun is in close degree conjunction with Mars in 8th house.

Mercury – Moon Dec 97 to May 99 He faced public ridicule and was the butt of many jokes. His legal problems multiplied during this time and many court cases were running against him. Moon is the 6th lord receiving vedha from Mars.

Mercury- Mars May 99 – May 00 Mars is the Dandesh and Ardhyamesh. The Ardhyamesh and Dandesh also play a constructive role and when one is down and out and give the capacity to fight back. He started shooting for movies as a character artiste and

decided to participate in the show ‘Kaun Banega Carorepati (KBC)’. He started activities which gave results in the next AD.

Mercury – Rahu  May 00 to Nov 02KBCstarted from July 2000 and from November 00 his PD of Jupiter started who is the 11 Lord, exalted and vargottam. KBC became a huge success and gave him a high public  accolades and appreciation. His movies were released and were declared commercial hits. Canara Bank also withdrew the court case pending against him in Nov. He started gaining inch by inch. AD lord Rahu is well placed in Kendra in D-1 and is placed in the 10th house in D-9 and D-10.

Mercury- Jupiter Nov 02- Mar 05His successful run continued. He regained his honor and wealth and acted in many movies, advertisements and continued doing KBC. Jupiter is the exalted 11th lord placed in the 11th house from MD. It protected him and gave him the new lease of life in career. This was similar to the protection received by Sanjay Dutt during his Moon AD.

If we look at the Char dasha his Virgo MD started in 1991 to 2003. Virgo is the 8th  House and  Mars  is placed there. The entire dasha gave him severe downfall in career.

Case 2: Rajat Gupta

DOB – 2-12-1948, 7:48, Kolkata India

Rajat Kumar Gupta is an Indian American businessman who was the managing director of management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company from 1994 to 2003 and a business leader in India and the United States. He was convicted in June 2012 on insider trading and securities fraud. He is expected to appeal and awaits sentencing in October 2012. Ardhyamesh is Jupiter and Dandesh is Moon. The planets are placed in lagna and are conjunct with Mars. Ascendant (self) was caught in a Jupiter trade (finance), Moon as 8th lord is hidden activity, Mars is 5 Lord so shares and speculation. He is also the 12 Lord so it happened abroad in USA. Dandesh is Moon the 8 Lord and also significator for mother. 8 house activities gave him trouble and his mother died early.

Rajat Gupta was pronounced guilty on 15 June 2012. The dasha running was Rahu-Sun-Mer. MD lord Rahu is receiving vedha from Ardhyamesh Jupiter and Dandesh Moon.  AD lord Sun and PD lord Mercury are placed in the 12th house. The dispositer of Sun and Mercury is Mars who is in degree conjunction with   ardhyamesh Jupiter. The coming AD’s are Moon (dandesh) and Mars (in degree conjunction with ardhyamesh Jupiter). They indicate continuation of problems.

The char dasha running was Aries-Leo – Gemini. MD lordAries has direct Vedha from Mar, Rahu, Jupiter (ardhyamesh), Moon (dandesh) and its lord Mars is conjunct with them. AD lord Leo is the rise and fall rashi with influence of malefic Sat and Sun. PD lord Gemini receives vedha from Venus the 6th Lord and 11 lord (6 from 6).  Its lord Mercury is placed in 12 house with 12 lord Sun.

In transit the three dasha lords Rahu, Sun, Mercury are transiting in 8th house from their respective natal positions. Transit MD lord Rahu is at 10.59 degree and is transiting over natal 10 Lord Mercury who is at 10.44 degrees.

Case 3: Sanjay Dutt

D.O.B.  29-7-1959, Time – 14:18:37, Place – Mumbai

Looking at the D-1, the Ardhyamesh is Mars the lagna lord and 6th lord placed in the 10 House. Dandesh is Mercury the 8th lord placed in the 9th house. Both the planets are malefic for Scorpio ascendant. The ardhyamesh and dandesh afflict his Bhagya and karma houses. The Dandesh in 9th house with Sun also led to father’s political humiliation and setback due to son’s activities. His career as an actor suffered due to his involvement with the case. A strong and exalted 9th Lord Moon offered protection.

Run up to the arrest on 19 Apr 1993 (Vimshottari dasha)

The maha dasha Rahu (May 1980-98) was running which proved to be a major setback for him. Rahu is placed in the 11th house and is aspected by Saturn. Rahu is placed in Virgo and dandesh Mercury is its dispositer. The antar dasha of Venus gave him the problems who is conjunct with ardhyamesh Mars. The dispositer of Venus is Sun who is conjunct with dandesh Mercury.

Ra-Venus-Venus from 15-12-91 to 15-6-92.  Sanjay went with actor-producer Feroz Khan to Dubai for shooting for the film Yalgar in Dec 1991. During one of the shoots, Khan introduced him to Dawood Ibrahim the underworld don. He was also introduced to other people from under world like Anees, Iqbal Mirchi, Sharad Shetty, Chota Rajan etc.

Rahu-Venus-Sun 15-6-92 to 9-8-92 Sanjay developed close ties with them.  The PD lord Sun is conjunct with dandesh Mercury in 9th house.

Rahu-Venus-Moon 9-8-92 to 8-11-92. No major event as the benefic and exalted Moon gives protection.

Rahu-Venus-Mars  8-11-92 to 11-1-93.  On December 6, 1992, the Babri Masjid was demolished. In the riots that followed, Sanjay feared for his family member’s safety and requested Hanif and Samir, two film producers for delivery of gun. PD Mars is Ardhyamesh.

Ra-Venus-Rahu 11-1-93 to 24-6-93 On January 15, 1993, an AK-56 plus ammunition was delivered to him. On March 12, 1993, a series of twelve bomb attacks were made in Bombay, killing 257 people. Dawood Abraham became prime suspect and police arrested a number of people. Some of the arrested named Sanjay for having illegal possession of guns. We have seen Rahu and Venus relation with ardhyamesh and dandesh. On 19 April 93, Sanjay Dutt was arrested. He spent most of the next 20 months in Jail.

Ra-Venus-Jupiter 24-6-93 to 17-11-93 Jupiter is placed in the 12th house and receives direct vedha from MD lord Rahu and Ketu.

Ra-Venus-Sa 17-11-93 to 10-5-94 Saturn is receiving direct vedha from dandesh Mercury and Sun. Similarly the next PD lord Ketu also receives vedha from dandesh Mercury. Affliction to MD, AD, PD dashas ensure his stay in the jail.

Ra-Sun 15-12-94 to 9-11-95 The next antar dasha was Sun who is conjunct with dandesh Mercury and received the vedha from Sat and Ketu. He was denied bail and was kept in prison during most of the Sun AD.

On October 17, 1995, after a total of sixteen months imprisonment on remand, Sanjay finally was allowed to leave the Arthur Road Prison. The coming antar dasha was Moon’s who is the 9th lord and exalted. This finally provided the respite and he could come out of prison. We found that the dasha of exalted benefics tremendously help in recovery.

Run up to the arrest on 19 Apr 1993 (Char Dasha)

MD lord Pisces is receiving vedha from Dandesh Mercury, Sun and Ketu, three malefics. Let us look at the coming AD’s in Pataki Rishta Chakra.

Pisces-Aries.  29-7-1991 to 28-12-1991. The AD Aries receives the vedha of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Its lord is Ardhyamesh Mars.

Pisces-Taurus 27-12-1991 to 28-5-1992 he was introduced to Dawood. Taurus is receiving vedha from Ardhyamesh Mars. The lord of Taurus is Venus who is conjunct with Ardhyamesh Mars.

Pisces-Gemini 28-5-1992 to 27-10-1992. He started becoming friendly with Dawood’s gang members. AD lord Gemini is getting vedha from Dandesh Mercury and Sun.

Pisces – Cancer 21-10-1992- 27-3-1993 On 6 Dec Babri Masjid was demolished. In the riots that followed Sanjay asked for gun. Cancer has 4 malefic influence. Mercury the Dandesh, Sun, Ketu and Saturn.

Pisces – Leo 29-3-1993 to 28-8-1993 He was arrested in Pisces-Leo-Libra. AD lord Leo is the rise and fall rashi and Ardhyamesh  Mars is placed there. Lord of Leo is Sun who is conjunct with Dandesh Mercury. PD lord Libra is the 12 house of the horoscope indicating imprisonment. It is receiving vedha from two malefics Rahu/ Ketu. The lord of Libra is Venus who is conjunct with Ardhyamesh Mars. During coming AD’s of Virgo, to Aquarius, he continued in Jail as all the antar dashas are afflicted. He was finally released on Oct 17, 1995 Pisces- Aquarius-Aries at literally the start of Aquarius dasha. However, he was caught in the legal wangling’s during next 16 years. If we look at Sanjay Dutt’s dasha pattern from birth, the Maha dashas have a relation with Dandesh / Ardhyamesh. He has had a series of misadventures since his birth.

Case 4: Duke of Windsor

DOB – 23-6-1894, 21:55, London, UK

The Duke of Windsor was the British Monarch who abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved. Ardhyamesh is Mercury and Dandesh is Moon. Ardhyamesh Mercury is placed in 7 house; Dandesh Moon is the 7 Lord and 7th house activities led to his downfall. The 10th house, LIbra receives vedha from 5 malefics.

He abdicated his throne on 11 Dec 1936. The dasha running was Sat – Rahu- Mer. MD lord Saturn’s dispositer is Ardhyamesh Mercury. AD lord Rahu has vedha with Ardhyamesh Mercury and is conjunct with Mars. PD lord Mercury is the Ardhyamesh in 7th house receiving vedha from malefics Mars, Rahu and Sun. The Char dasha running was Taurus-Libra- Aries. MD lordTaurus has vedha from Dandesh Moon. AD lord Libra has vedha from five malefics Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. PD lord Aries also has vedha from 4 malefics Sat, Mars, Rahu, Ketu.

Case 5: Bill Clinton

DOB – 19-8-1946 8:03, Arkansas, USA

Bill Clinton was the US President from 1993-2001 and was impeached by the US Senate based on allegation of lying in a sworn deposition. His Ardhyamesh is Mars and Dandesh is Saturn. Mars is the 8 lord conjunct with debilitated Venus leading to many scandals.  Saturn the dandesh is 6 lord in 11 house showing escalation of disputes. Conjunction with 10 lord and lagna lord Mercury shows impact on profession. The 10th house receives only one vedha from Dandesh Saturn hence he did not face permanent damage to his career.

Clinton was impeached in Dec 1998 during Jupiter-Moon – Moon. MD lord Jupiter is receiving vedha from ardhyamesh Mar. Its dispositer is Venus who is again conjunct with Mars. PD lord Moon is receiving the vedha from Ardhyamesh Mars who is also its dispositer. Char dasha running was Aries – Leo – Sag. Aries is the 8 House and its lord is ardhyamesh Mars. Aries is also receiving a vedha from Mars. Leo is a rise and fall rashi and has vedha from Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. Sagittarius receives the aspect of dandesh Saturn.

Case 6: Mohammad Azharuddin

DOB – 9-2-1963, 22:25, Hyderabad India

The Ardhyamesh is Sun the 12 lord and Dandesh is Mercury the 10 lord.  Both are placed in the 5th house and are 12th from Jupiter. He lost his young son in a bike accident. The 10 House receives vedha from 6 malefics, Mars, Rahu, Sat, Ketu, Ardhyamesh Sun and Dandesh Mercury.

Azharuddin was banned for life by BCCI in Dec 2000 during the dasha of Moon-Sun-Mercury. Moon is placed in the 12th house and dispositer of Moon is Ardhyamesh Sun. AD lord Sun is the ardhyamesh and PD lord Mercury is the dandesh.

The char dasha running was Taurus- Taurus-Cancer. The dispositer of Taurus is Venus receiving vedha from 4 malefics – debilitated Mars, Rahu, dandesh Mercury and ardhyamesh Sun. Cancer has debilitated Mars and Saturn placed there.

It was also the dasha chidra and coming dasha was Gemini. Gemini is receiving direct vedha of dandesh Mercury and ardhyamesh Sun. The lord of Gemini is dandesh Mercury. It is also aspected by Mars and Rahu. If we apply the transit during Dec 2000, Saturn and Jupiter were in Taurus and Sun and Mercury were transiting over Scorpio and Sagittarius. All the three dashas of Vimshottari and Char were aspected by transit dandesh and ardhyamesh.

Case 7: Natwar Singh

DOB – 16-5-1929, 15:50, Bharatpur, India

Kunwar Natwar Singh is an Indian politician and former cabinet minister. On December 7, 2005, he was removed from his post as Minister in charge of External Affairs under the allegation of being a beneficiary of illegal payoffs in Iraqi oil scam.

Ardhyamesh and Dandesh both is Saturn. Sat as the 5 Lord also represents children. The beneficiary of the oil scam was connected to his son and his son and wrong judgment led to his downfall. Saturn is also having a vedha from Mars and Rahu.

The dasha running was Jupiter-Mar-Ven. MD lordJupiter is conjunct with Sun the 12 lord and is combust. Jupiter is also in exchange with Venus who is receiving vedha from Mars, Rahu and Ketu.  AD lord Mars is debilitated and is receiving vedha from Saturn the ardhyamesh and dandesh. PD lord Venus is receiving Vedha from Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

From 2008 his Saturn MD has started who is both ardhyamesh and dandesh. His political career has been completely finished. He has been lucky in the sense that his downfall came at the fag end of his career.

The char dasha was Cancer – Scorpio – Virgo. MD lordCancer receives the vedha of Sat and debilitated Mars is placed there. AD lord Scorpio is 12th house from Saturn. Its lord Mars is debilitated and receives the vedha from Saturn.  PD lord Virgo receives the vedha of Rahu and Ketu.

Key Findings

We found that PRC applied very well to crisis in career. It was able to show the type of problem and the timing of the problem. The transit over PRC also indicated accurate results. In the crisis of career the role of Ardhyamesh was found to be more prominent.  In the life of sportsmen and politicians, the Ardhyamesh and Dandesh were found to play a constructive role and behaved like the 3rd and 6th lords.  The applicability of PRC on D-10 also gave accurate results. As our guru Sh. K.N. Rao says, we should synthesize the findings from various methods and arrive at a conclusion. PRC is an additional tool given to us which assists us in prediction.