Timing the Birth of a Child

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life. Marcus Aurelius

A businessman friend called on 1st September 2014 in a highly agitated mode. His wife was expecting and doctors had told him the delivery can take place any time during the next 1-2 days. I looked at the horoscope of his wife and told him, “don’t worry there is time, and the child is likely to be born on 9 September. The prediction given on the birth date came true and the child was born within 24 hours of the predicted time.

Let’s look at how the doctors predict the birth time. The Naegele’s rule is a standard way of calculating the due date for a pregnancy. The rule estimates the expected date of delivery (EDD) by adding one year, subtracting three months, and adding seven days to the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP). The result is approximately 280 days (40 weeks) from the LMP. The book further stated that the prediction range is about 50% within 7 days on either side of expected date of delivery (EDD) (Taken from the book “Text Book of Obstetrics by D.C Dutta).

 We further spoke to the renowned gynecologist Dr. Pushpa Chandra, MD, AIMS. She explained that only a rough estimation of baby’s birth time can be calculated which easily varies by a week (before or after). The birth time is fine-tuned based on mothers and child’s condition as the pregnancy progresses. However, there is no fool proof method of computing the time of birth. No algorithm can predict the exact day that spontaneous labor will occur no matter what considerations are taken into account. In spite of the best possible tools available to assess the child inside the womb of the mother, the doctors can predict only a 14 days range when the child is likely to be born. This 14 day range also works in only 70% of the cases.

 If medical science with all the available tools can predict a birth between 2 weeks with 70% accuracy, astrology is indeed super science. It is beating the medical predictions on birth time hands down! Let us now look at the astrological principles of predicting the birth of a child.

1. The dasha would connect to 5th house / Putra Karaka in D-1.  See the prevailing dasha by at least two methodsIn case of Vimshotari dasha we see the connection with 5th house. In case of Jamini dasha we see the connection with Putra karak (PK). Special dashas applicable on the horoscope like Mandook Dasha or Dwadashotri dasha gives excellent results.


2. The dasha will connect to 5th house / Putra karak of D-7 the Saptamsha.


3. The planets in transit would connect to 5th House of D1 at the time of birth. Jupiter denote the year, Mars the quarter, Sun the month and Moon the day of the birth. Here Moon connects to 5th House within 48 hours.


4. The planet in transit would connect to 5 House of D7 at the time of birth.


5. The planets in transit would connect to the PK in D-7.

The dates where all the parameters are met are seen for both the parents. The common date that emerges is the likely birth date. The horoscope of mother takes precedence over father for determining the time of birth.

The first case was of a businessman and fellow student who contacted us on 1st September 2014 wanting to know the likely birth date of the child. The gynecologist had told them that the birth could happen any time now. The birth details of mother were 14 Sep 1983 7:10 Delhi.

Parameter 1.  The dasha connects to 5 H/ 5 Lord in D1.

DatesVimshottari dasha  Char dasha
3 Sep 2014     Ven – Ketu-Sat-Rah-RahuSag – Virgo- Scorpio – Capricorn
5 Sep              Ven – Ketu-Sat-Rah-Sat    Sag – Virgo- Scorpio – Capricorn
6  Sep             Ven – Ketu-Sat-Rah- SatSag – Virgo- Scorpio – Scorpio
9 Sep              Ven – Ketu-Sat-Rah-KetuSag – Virgo- Scorpio – Scorpio
10  Sep                 Ven – Ketu-Sat-Rah-VenusSag – Virgo- Scorpio – Scorpio

1a. Vimshotari Dasha The Maha Dasha lord Venus is aspecting 5th house in D1.  Antar Dasha lord Ketu is conjunct with Jupiter the natural karak for children. Jupiter is also the Putra Karak. Ketu is placed in the 5th house from Maha dasha lord Venus. Pratyantar dasha lord Saturn is 5th lord exalted in the 2nd house. Sookshma Dasha lord Rahu is placed in the 9th house and is also connected to Jupiter. The first 4 dashas are common between the 10 days. Now let’s look at the Pran dasha. The pran dasha on 5th and 6th September is Saturn the 5th lord. The pran dasha from 9th afternoon is Venus which is aspecting the 5th House. Likely dates coming are 5, 6, 9, 10 September.

1b. Char Dasha

MD –AD-PD is Sagittarius- Virgo – Scorpio. From MD Sagittarius as lagna, 5th house is aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter. From AD of Virgo, the 5th house is aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter. PD of Scorpio has Putra karak Jupiter placed there. Sookshma Dasha of Scorpio starts from 6th and continues to 10th. The dasha promised the birth of the child. Likely dates – 6,9,10 September

Parameter 2 – Connection of dasha with 5th house in D-7.

a. Vimshottari dasha running is Venus- Ketu- Rahu- Saturn. Venus, Ketu and Saturn are aspected by Jupiter. They promise the birth of a child.

b. Char dasha – Sagittarius – Virgo- Scorpio

Virgo is the 5th house of D-7. Scorpio has the aspect of PK Jupiter. Capricorn does not have the aspect. So birth date seems likely after 6th September.

Parameter 3- Transit of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon connect to 5th house D-1

The transit position on 5th September is shown below with D1 and D-7.

Let’s look at the transit position on D1 from 5th September. The double transit of Saturn and Jupiter has to connect to 5th house. Transit Saturn is over 5th lord Saturn. Transit Jupiter is aspecting 5th house from Cancer. Transit Sun was aspecting 5th house 20 days back. Moon would be transiting over 5th house from 5th Sep onwards. This again confirms the date of 5th Sep onwards.

Parameter 4. Transit of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon connect to 5th house D-7 we find that Jupiter is aspecting the 5th lord Mercury. Mars was over 5th house 45 days back. Sun would be transiting over Virgo shortly. Transit Moon is not connected to 5th house and will be connected to 5th house only on 9th. So the dates seem to be near 9th.

Parameter 5. Connection of transit planets to PK in D-7

 Jupiter is transiting over PK. Mars is aspecting PK, Sun is aspecting PK, Moon is in Sagittarius on 5th September and aspecting PK. Moon will again aspect PK Jupiter from Pisces on 9th September. This is the last clinching factor. The date seems to be pointing at 9th September.

Let’s now look at the father’s horoscope who was born on 9 July 1978 23:19 Delhi.

Parameter 1.  The dasha connects to 5 H/ 5 Lord in D1.

DatesVimshottari dasha  Char dasha
3 Sep 2014     Moon-Ven- Sat-Sat-KetuLibra-Pisces-Pisces-Sagittarius
5 Sep              Moon-Ven- Sat-Sat-SunLibra-Pisces-Pisces-Aquarius
6  Sep             Moon-Ven- Sat-Sat-MoonLibra-Pisces-Pisces-Pisces
9 Sep              Moon-Ven- Sat-Sat-MarsLibra-Aries-Taurus-Aries
10  Sep                 Moon-Ven- Sat-Sat-JupLibra-Aries-Taurus-Pisces

1a. Vimshottari Dasha The dasha pattern of Moon- Venus- Sat-Sat is common on all dates. Moon is the 5th lord and Venus, Sat are conjunct with it. The Pran dasha of Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter all can give children. The likely dates were 5, 6, 9, 10 September.

1b. Char Dasha The MD lord Libra is aspected by PK Moon. Pisces is the Lagna of horoscope and is aspected by Jupiter. From 8th Sep the AD of Aries is starting which is aspected by PK Moon. Now from 9th September the Pran dasha will be Aries aspected by PK Moon. The likely dates are 9, 10 September.

Parameter 2 – Connection of dasha with 5th house in D-7.

a. Vimshotari The PD, SD lord Saturn is aspecting the 7th house. The Pran dasha lord Sun, Mars, Jupiter are connecting. Likely day – 5,9,10

2. Char dasha The MD Libra has PK Moon. Pisces is the 5th house. From 8 Sep AD of Aries is coming so before 8th Sep seems likely. Here Rao sir had told us to give more importance to mother’s horoscope.

Parameter 3- Transit of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon connect to 5th house D-1 The transit position on 5th September is shown below. Jupiter is placed in 5th House and Saturn is aspecting from 8th house. Mars would transit to Sag in 40 days and would connect to 5 House. Sun is conjunct with 5th lord. Moon would connect to 5th house from Capricorn-Aquarius. Again 8, 9, 10 September.

4. Looking at the transit on D-7 we find that transit Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house and 5th lord. Mars is transiting over 5th lord. Sun would connect from Virgo within a month. Moon will be in 5th house on 10th. Dates of 9th and 10th seem likely.

5. Connection of transit planets to PK in D-7 (clincher) Moon is the PK placed in Libra. Jupiter connected to it till May 2014. Mars is aspecting PK. Sun is aspecting PK and Moon will aspect PK from Capricorn. So again the 9th September date was coming. We found that from all the angles the date of 9th September was coming strongly.

The parents were blessed with a daughter on 9th September 14:49 Delhi. Our guru Sh. K.N. Rao had devised the principles of determining the birth of a child nearly 25 years back and secretly tested them on thousands of cases. He found the results to be coming remarkably accurate and finally choose to share the principles with his students. The only tools needed are authentic horoscope of mother and preferably that of father or an elder sibling. The principles have been tested by his students on hundreds of cases and were found to be giving 100% results. He himself has predicted the birth time within 4 hours of the actual birth time.