Every parent wants a perfect child who is healthy, happy, intelligent, has good moral values, excellent in studies, rich, wealthy, extremely lucky and should have even better grand children! Alas just like a perfect marriage, a perfect child does not exist.

We come in this world on the date, time and place chosen by Brahma the creator, who has worked out the creation, sustenance and annihilation of each living being with minute details. The Urdu couplet – पत्ता भी नहीं हिलता बिन तेरी रज़ा के, (even a leaf cannot move without your permission),is so apt to describe our creator.

Our Guru Shri K.N. Rao has repeatedly said, in spite of the best efforts of humans, a child will be born when he is destined to be born. Man’s best efforts will come to naught if it is not meant to be so.

The most famous example is Ravana, the king of Asuras who was most powerful in the three lokas. At the time of birth of his son Indrajeet, he imprisoned all the planets and made them sit at the designated place to ensure immortality for his son. But could he succeed?

At the last moment, Saturn the sadhu played truant and became the cause of Gulika/ Mandi, thus depriving Indrajeet of immortality. It did not happen because it was not meant to happen.

As our Guide Col. Gaur says, the person has come knocking at your door because of the will of Brahma, and if the birth actually happens at the recommended time, it is solely because ‘His will have been done’.


Having established the genuineness of the requirement, one should inquire from the parentswhat kind of child the parents are aspiring.A business man may want a child with many riches (Dhan Yoga) whereas a scholar may want a child who excels in studies (Saraswati Yoga).

There is normally a window of 7-15 days to determine the most suitable time of birth and sometimes even less.

The birth is sometimes avoided during the night because of non-availability of doctors. This reduces the available time period even further.

To summarize, before starting the assessment of the time of birth, the following things have to be kept in mind:

  1. Determine the necessity of having a cesarean birth
  2. Find out what kind of child the parents are aspiring
  3. Determine feasible time of birth

An astrologer decides on a times that ensures:

  1. Thephysical Body is strong by ensuring the Lagna is strong.
  2. Themind is strong. It also ensures safety and wellbeing of the child and the mother at the time of birth.
  3. There is no Bal Arishta, which is bad luck to the child at a young age. If Bal Arishta is there, then Arishta Bhang is also there.
  4. The child has good values (Sanskars). This will be possible with a well-fortified Moon, strong Jupiter and a strong 2nd House.
  5. For good luck to the child in all endeavors one looks for a strong 9th house.
  6. For good karmas, a strong 10th house.
  7. A Strong 11th house ensures fructification of efforts.
  8. Most important is the right dasha at the right time!
  9. Any other parameters given by parents.

The challenge is to find a balance and do the best in the given duration of 10-15 days when birth is likely to take place. One finds that there is a constant give and take between various parameters.

One also ensures the Arishta to the child is avoided / cancelled. Some affliction will definitely come to the mother because of the impending operation.  As per Shri K. N. Rao, it’s safer to make 2-3 horoscopes for the given duration. This will help in the case of a contingency where immediate birth cannot be avoided. We can only provide the time of birth but it’s only Brahma who decides the right time for each child based on his present destiny and delivers the child accordingly.

The curious can stop now and only keen astrologers need to continue reading the article.

Real Case Study

 The parents had waited 12 years for a child to arrive in their life. It was an IVF birth also known as a test tube baby.  The parents requested to determine the most appropriate time of birth of child where:

  • Cesarean Birth was a medical necessity
  • Mother wanted a healthy child with good values and a prosperous life.
  • Time period available was 1st -15th February 2011. Birth at day or night was not a constraint.

Steps in determining the time of Birth

  1. Determine the Planetary Position.

 The Planetary position of planets during the 15 day period was as under:

Planets1 Feb, 6 :007 Feb, 6:0015 Feb , 00:00
SaturnVirgo (R)Do (R)Do (R)
MarsCapricorn(C) (E)Do  (C) (E)Do  (C) (E)
MercuryCapricornCapricorn (C)Capricorn (C)

        Where (R) is Retrograde, (C) is Combust, (E) is Exalted

The main position of planets is as under:

  • Sun and Moon are changing the sign during the period, all other planets are in same sign.
  • Mars is exalted. Sun, Mars, Mercury are together in Capricorn. Mars and Mercury are combust.
  • There is an exchange between Saturn and Mercury in Virgo and Capricorn. (5-9 axis)
  • Jupiter is in own House -Pisces.
  • Determination of Lagna

All the 12 signs rise as Lagna during the course of a day of 24 hours. The sign which ensures a strong Lagna is feasible for selection.  Each sign was assessed for determining the Lagna.  As per the position of planets between 1-15 February:

  • Mercury and Mars are combust. They are not recommended as LL. i.e. hence sign Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio are avoided.
  • For Cancer and Leo signs, YogkarakMars is combust.
  • Saturn is not aspecting own house. Capricorn shows promise with exchanger between LL and 9L.  Aquarius is to be avoided as LL Saturn goes to 8th House.
  • Sun is in enemy’s houses (Capricorn/ Aquarius) during the period.
  • Venus is in Rahu/ Ketu axis so Taurus and Libra are not recommended as Lagna.
  • Jupiter is placed in own House Pisces. Jupiter is also digbali in Lagna.

Based on the above planetary positions and our parameters for the child,  the most feasible Lagna is coming as Pisces where Jupiter the Lagna lord is placed in Lagna.

Main Features:

  • Jupiter is the Lagna Lord and 10 L placed in Lagna. The Lagna Lord and 10th Lord is well placed.
  • There is an exchange between 7 L Mercury and 11 L Saturn.
  • Since Mercury is the owner of 4H and 7H and becomes combust after 1 Feb, we tried to keep the date of birth as 1 February, more so because the natural karak for spouse Venus was in Rahu/ Ketu axis. However, Moon during 1-2 Feb was in Sagittarius in Rahu/ Ketu axis. We decided to safeguard Moon and select a date when Moon is well placed. The combustion of Mercury, the 4L and 7 L could not be avoided.  However an exchange of 7 L Mercury with 11 L Saturn ensures a connection between 7 H and & 7 L. The aspect of Jupiter from Lagna further strengthens the 7th house.
  • Position of Moon

Moon moves between Sagittarius and Gemini during the period. The position of Moon in D1 and D 9 are as under:

Moon in SignFeasibilityCondition in D-9
SagittariusRahu/Ketu Axis and Venus (3 and 8 L)Debilitated
CapricornCombust and weakMoon in Sag in 5 H/ or with Mars
Aquarius12 H placement8L in 11 H/ or in 8 H
PiscesGood! Moon with Jupiter in Lagna.Moon and Jup together in D9!
AriesAspect of Mars in Mar’s house- fiery temperamentAspect of Sat and Venus
TaurusExalted and Kemadrum YogaAspect of Mars and Sun
GeminiRahu/Ketu axis

Based on the above positions, we find that the Moon is most comfortable when placed with Jupiter in Lagna. It also makes a GajKesari Yoga between a Kendra and Trikona Lord.

  • Assessment of Bal Arishta
    • Benefics in Kendra cause arishta bhang. Here Jup and Moon are in Kendra.
    • Jupiter in Lagna cancels over one lakh faults in the horoscope. Here Jupiter is in Lagna.
    • Moon in the Dreshkona of benefics protects the child. Here Moon is in the dreshkona of Jupiter.

The child does not have bal arishta.

  • Dasha Sequence

The promise in the horoscope fructifies during the dasha. Right dasha at the right time is the key to happiness. The child would be completing his studies by the age of 24 years, so a dasha favoring good education during this time will be a boon. From 24 years onwards the dasha should favor career, earnings, marriage etc. The likely dashas were assessed for the horoscope.

 With Moon in Pisces, the three dashas that can be the starting point of the child’s life are:

  • Dasha of Jupiter from 0 to 3-60 degrees (PoorvaBhadrapad)
  • Dasha of Saturn from 3-60 to 16-40 degrees( UttarBhadrapad)
  • Dasha of Mercury from 16-40 to 30-00 degrees (Revati)

The dasha of Jupiter, the LL and 10 Lord will be very good for the child. However, we found that when Pisces sign rises in Lagna, Moon is at around 8.19 degrees. Hence the only possible starting dashas are that of Saturn and Mercury. The child may not get the dasha of Jupiter in his lifetime.  We could plan the placement of Moon with Jupiter but we could not ensure the dasha of Jupiter for the child.

The dasha pattern and its feasibility are as under:

DashaYearsLikely Results
Saturn11Digbali in 7 H, Exchange between 7L and 11 L. From MD Sat as Lagna, there is an exchange between LL and 5L and Sat is the 5L. The dasha will be good for studies.
Mercury17Placed in 11 H as 4L and 7L and is aspecting the 5 H. From MD Mercury as Lagna, there is an exchange between LL and 9L ensuring good fortune during the dasha.
Ketu7Placed in 4 H and aspecting the 10 H. From Ketu as Lagna, Jup the 10 L is placed in 10H making the 10H strong. An exchange of 4 and 8 Lord is not good.  The period will be good for career.
Venus20Placed in 10 H.  Largely good. Venus is exalted in D-10. The child should do well during the Venus dasha.
Sun66L in 11 H. of gains
Moon105L in Kendra, Gajkesari, 10 H strong
Mars 62L and 9 L exalted in 11 H, good dasha
Rahu16Placed in 10 H with Venus

We find that the dashas are largely good and will give rise in life. We see dashas of first 40-45 years before finalizing the time.

  • Assessment of D-9

Pisces, the Lagna rashi of D1 is a dual rashi hence counting for D-9 will start from 5th house. The houses rising in Lagna in D-9 can be from 5th House to Lagna. The same is indicated below.

The rising of Lagna, 5H, 9H, 10 H and 11H of D1 is considered good in Lagna. We assessed each of them to determine the most feasible solution.

  • When the 9 H of D1 (Scorpio) rises in D-9, 7L goes to the 8H.
  • When the 10 H of D1 (Sagittarius) rises in D-9, 6L goes to the 7 H.
  • When the 11H of D1 (Capricorn) rises in D-9,  10 L Venus is in 6th  H in R/K axis
  • When the Lagna of D1 (Pisces) rises in D-9, it is more balanced. Jup/Moon are in 7 H and 7L is in 2H. Venus in 4 H is aspecting 10 H.
  • We found that with Venus( natural karak for spouse)  under Rahu/Ketu axis in D1, the 4H (happiness) and 7H ( spouse) in D9 were also getting afflicted in most instances.

A vargottam Lagna, Pisces Lagna was found to be the best option in D-9. It also fortifies the 7H with placement of Jupiter there.

  • Assessment of D-10

After the selection of the Lagna of D-9, only two Lagnas can rise in D-10

  1.    5 House of D1 –  Cancer
    1.    6 House of D1 – Leo

With Cancer sign rising as Lagna, Moon the LL is with Jupiter in the 7H aspecting Lagna. , 10 L Mars is in own house and 11 Lord Venus is exalted in 9 H. This was considered the best option.

Similarly an assessment of D-12 was done for the horoscope. We used the following table to quickly determine the best time of birth of a child.

Through this table we can quickly see the likely Lagna options for each divisional chart. For example when we decide the Lagna for D-3, we can determine what all Lagnas are possible in D-9, D-10 etc.

The birth time was finalized at 10:12 AM, Delhi. The horoscope is as under:

  • Looking at the Parameters set forth by parents

The parents wanted a healthy child with good sanskars and prosperous life.

  • Healthy Child

Lagna: Pisces sign is rising as Lagna. Jupiter the LL is placed in Lagna. Jupiter is digbali in Lagna. Lagna is also Vargottam in D-9. The above parameters ensure the Lagna is strong.

Moon: Moon the karak for mind and mother is placed in Lagna with Jupiter forming Raj yogas. Moon is strong. It is again conjunct with Jup in D-9. Moon is well placed.

We also see the promise in the horoscope by making Moon (the mind) and Sun (the soul) as Lagna. The horoscope is very promising from all the three angles.

  • Good Values ( Sanskars)

Jupiter in Lagna with Moon ensures a child with good moral values. Mars the lord of 2nd House is exalted in 11th House and is aspecting 2nd House. In D-9, Saturn the 2 Lord is receiving the aspect of two benefices Jupiter and Moon. The third benefic Mercury is placed in 2 H in D-9.

The D-7, (Saptamsha) shows an evolved soul with Vargottam Lagna and Jupiter the LL placed in 9 House with 5 Lord Moon and exchange between 9th Lord Mars and 10th Lord Jupiter.

From Jamini angle, AK Sun and AmK Mars are at close degree conjunction and are conjunct in all varga charts from D1 to D9 showing equanimity of mind.

  • Prosperous Life

Jupiter is digbali in Lagna and is conjunct with Moon the 5 Lord. This is forming a Gajkesari Yoga which ensures a wealthy life. It is also a strong Raj Yoga as Jupiter the Kendra Lord, combines with Moon the trikona lord in Lagna. There are several Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas present in the horoscope. Seven (7) planets are connected to the 11th House in D1. In Ashtakvarga, the 11th house has more points than 10th House from Lagna, Moon and Sun showing gains.

AK, AMK, PK and DK are making Jamini Dhan yogas.

The dasha sequence also promises a wealthy and prosperous life.

  • Alternate Time of Birth

In addition to the above mentioned date and time, another feasible time was calculated to ensure an alternate time is available in case of any emergency. The second Lagna considered most appropriate was Capricorn Lagna.

  1. Actual Time of Birth: Twins

The parents were blessed with birth of twins on 7 February 2011. The boy was born at 9:54 AM and the girl was born at 9:55 AM. Both have the same D1 but a different D9. The 11th house of D-1, Capricorn is rising as the Lagna in D-9 which is very good.

  1. Promise in the Mothers Horoscope

The children could be born at the time because of the promise inherent in the mother’s horoscope. Mother was born on 25 October, 1975 at 10:40 AM in Meerut.

The mother’s horoscope shows the wait of 12 years and also the promise of good children.

D-1 – The 5H is in Rahu/ Ketu axis and is aspected by a debilitated Sun and Sat from 8H. The 5L Mars is placed in 7H conjunct with 8L Moon. From karak Jupiter, 5House has Saturn.

D-9 – Sun, the 5L of D-9 is in Rahu/Ketu axis and is conjunct with 8L Mars. Sun is also receiving the aspect of 6L Mer. Jupiter is aspecting the 5 House.

D-7 – The Lagna is digbali showing the promise of children. 5H is again in Rahu/ Ketu axis. 5L Mars is in 8 House connected with 3 benefics Moon, Mercury and Venus.

The children were born during the dasha of Sat-Sat-Sat.

In D-1, Sat aspects the 5H from 8H Cancer. Jupiter is aspecting Saturn and the 5H from Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are in exchange in D-7. Thus Saturn fulfilled the promise of the horoscope.

Transit on 7 Feb 2011

A child’s horoscope is the transit position of planets at the time of birth when applied to the parent’s horoscope.  Transit Saturn in Virgo is aspecting Natal Mars the 5 Lord in 7 House. Jupiter also aspected Mars when it was in Aquarius in Dec 2010. Transit Mars is exalted in the 2 House and is aspecting the 5 House. Transit Jupiter is aspecting MD Lord Saturn and 5 House from Saturn. The planetary transit finally fulfilled the promise of the horoscope.It was Brahma who succeeded and everyone else became a nimitt to fulfill his plan!