Adolf Hitler was a German politician, an extremely popular leader, and German revolutionary. As leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), he rose to power in Germany as Chancellor in 1933 and Fuhrer (“Leader”) in1934. As leader of Nazi Germany from 1933 to1945, he initiated Warin Europe by invading Poland in September 1939, and was central to the perpetration of the Holocaust. He initiated fascist policies that led to World War II which resulted in deaths of at least 11 million people, including the mass murder of an estimated6 million Jews. He was one of the persons who most influenced the 19th century and was consistently voted as the most hated person of last century by the western world. To understand the reasons for the horrific crimes he committed, one has to understand the context in which he operated and the childhood which shaped him.

Key reasons for World War II

By 1900, the British Empire extended over five continents and France had control of large areas of Africa. With the rise of industrialism, countries needed new markets. The amount of lands ‘owned’ by Britain and France increased the rivalry with Germany who had entered the scramble to acquire colonies late and only had small areas of Africa. Germany believed that this puts them in an economically disadvantageous position because of lack of access to raw materials and captive markets of colonies. They felt that theydeserved better and went to war with France and Britain, which was subsequently joined, by other countries.

The war was termed as World War 1 and led to defeat of Germany.After the end of WorldWar one in 1918, there was a general sentiment that Germany should be held responsible for their involvement in World War1and that limitations should be imposed on them so they cannot seek war again. The treaty of Versailles was signed which called for Germany to give back the French territories that they had claimed during the Franco-Prussian War. Germany was also asked to pay an astronomically large sum of money. Some experts, including John Maynard Keynes warned that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh. Such fees would cripple the economy of Germany, as the country could not afford to pay for the World War I reparations, which they warned could in tum pose a problem for the rest of Europe.

Germans largely saw the treaty place the blame, or “war guilt”, on Germany and Austria-Hungary and punish them for their “responsibility” rather than working out an agreement that would assure long-term peace. The treaty resulted in harsh monetary reparations, separated millions of ethnic Germans into neighbouring countries, territorial dismemberment, and caused ethnic resettlement. In an effort to pay war reparations to Britain and France, the Weimar Republic printed trillions of marks, causing extremely high inflation of the German currency. Economic hardships and humiliation meted out to Germany led to a political climate that was ripe for rise in nationalistic feelings, radical affiliations and parties. One such party that rose on these sentiments and was extremely popular was the Nazi Party and Hitler was their leader. The party wanted to avenge the defeat of World War 1 and be an economic superpower.

Master race concept and Jews persecution

The master race concept was part of Nazi ideology in which the Nordic or Aryanraces, predominant among Germans and other northern European peoples, are deemed the highest in racial hierarchy.The Nazis declared that the Nordics (now referred to as the Germanic peoples), or Aryans were superior to all other races. The Nazis believed they were entitled to expand territorially. This concept led to war mongering and atrocities against non-Nordic / Aryan race people.

The crusade against Jews were not new in Europe where Jews have been persecuted for over a thousand year. Christians believed that Jesus was betrayed by Judas who was a Jew and perceived them as killer of God.  Besides Jews had a distinct cultural identity. Earlier Christianity did not permit money lending and Jews traditionally handled these roles. Moneylenders have always been a hated community. Their economic Status and business acumen was a source of resentment. Europe was witness to Pogroms in which Jews were attacked and killed. They were segregated and kept in ghettos. In recent times, the Dreayfus scandal in France had laid bare the hostility and manipulation of military establishment against Jews. Hitler considered Jews to be an inferior race of people, who set out to weaken other races and take over the world. He believed that Jews were particularly destructive to the German ‘Aryan’ race, and they did not have any place in Nazi Germany. Hitler also wanted to rid Germany of the disabled, homosexuals, Roma and Sinti, and other minorities that didnot fit in to his idea of an Aryan race.

Static Promise of Horoscope

Lagna lord Venus is placed in the 7th house conjunct with 3 planets. Venus is in degree conjunction with Mars and lost in planetary warfare. Four planets are in the house of Mars and five planets – Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Ketu are the Nakshatra of Venus who is lost in planetary warfare from Mars. Predominance of Mars is clearly visible in the horoscope and Mars is a war mongering planet. Saturn is placed in the 10th house aspected by Mars, which indicates rise and fall.

Mahabhagya yog is formed in his horoscope as birth is during the day and Lagna, Moon and Sun are in movable signs. The maha bhagya yog is of very high degree as Sun is near exaltation degree and part of many rajyogas in the horoscope. Moon is in Sagittarius and conjunct with Jupiter, which is a good placement. Lagna is vargottam. We look at placement of Sun and Moon and their lordship while assessing he quality of raj yoga. Here Moon is the 10th lord and Sun is the 11th lord making this the highest quality maha Bhagya yoga.

Sarvashtak Varga indicates tremendous growth for a person, when 11th house has more points than the 10th house. In Hitler’s case 11th house has more points than 10th house from lagna, from Sun and from Moon.

Five planets are in movable signs and rest are in dual sign. Such people are very dynamic, assertive; they are independent in nature and dislike dependence on others. They are the last to accept subordination.

Raj Yogas -The seventh house has the conjunction of all trine lords and Kendra lord forming a major raj yog. 10th house has the connection of Saturn and Jupiter showing a political leader like position and dealing with masses. The aspect of Mars on 10th house gives dictatorial tendencies.

Hitler was Mesmerizing speaker who could move millions through his speech. The second lord Mars is in own house and aspects the second house. Mars is conjunct with exalted Sun which gives him the power to speak with authority, Mercury gives him clever thinking. Lagna lord Venus is also placed with Mars and Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting Venus. Connection of so many planets with second house and major raj yogas with second lord makes him the most mesmerizing speaker of all. The Lagna Lord and second lord are connected in D-1, D-9 and D-10. Lagna lord Venus is also AK and 2nd lord Mars is the Amk. Venus and Mars are in degree conjunction making him a very clear-headed person. They are conjunct in all divisional charts. Any horoscope with three or more planets in lagna or seventh house make the person influential. Such persons leave their mark on any field they work in.

Nature of LL, Amk, AK

Let’s see what aspect/ conjunction on AK Venus by Jupiter, Saturn, Mars tell us about him as per Jatak Bharnam.

Lagna Lord and AK is Venus.

Venus in Aries aspected by Jupiter – The person receives happiness of spouse and son, very beautiful body, soft-spoken and large hearted. Venus in Aries aspected by Saturn – The person keeps his money a secret, calm nature, respected by all, a provider, acts as per the wishes of family. Venus in Aries aspected by Mars – Bereft of stature, money, happiness, needy and dirty.

In real life, he received happiness from his mistress whom he married shortly before death. He enjoyed tremendous respect of people during his years of power and as the Furerer, he was the provider for Germany. Eventually he lost everything and was bereft of stature. This way the aspect of all the planets gave him results.

Influence on AmK Mars by Jupiter, Saturn and Venus

Mars in Aries aspected by Jupiter – The person is best in his family, rich, angry, dispenses justice like a king and friend of thieves. This is true, he dispensed his justice to nations and millions of people.Mars in Aries aspected by Venus – The person likes to constantly eat food, worried about spouse and vehicles and loves doing good works. Mars in Aries aspected by Saturn – The person gets sorrows due to loss of friends and mother, thin bodied, opposes of own family and very jealous.

He faced major sorrows in his life, at an early stage he lost his beloved brother, he never got along with his father and had major fights with him. The premature death of his father at a young age made Hitler suffer economic hardships. His mother also died of cancer when he was very young.

Profile of a killer

He started a war which led to the death of over 10 million people. Let’s see the indications:

  1. Connection of Mars and Saturn with Lagna / Lagna Lord.
  2. Weak Lagna Lord
  3. Afflicted Moon
  4. Afflicted Jupiter
  5. Afflicted 9th house
  6. Dasha sequence
  7. Influence of Rahu/Ketu with Lagna / Moon

In his case all the above indicators are present. We also looked at the influence on Moon the mind, 2nd house of Sanaskars (values) and 5th house of intelligence. When we see the Moon chart, second lord Saturn is placed in 8th house and is aspected by Mars. Fifth house and fifth lord Mars has malefic influence of Sun and Saturn on them.  In D-20, 5th house has Sun and Rahu Ketu placed in the 5th house and Saturn is placed in the 2nd house. LL Venus is exalted in the sixth house and is conjunct with Mars. The influence of malefic planets was very strong in the chart.

For a person to rise to great highs in life, he needs to get conducive dashas which make him go from strength to strength.Hitler’s life consisted of major sorrows, miseries from an early stage of life which shaped him. The dasha sequence after he turned 24 led to his great rise and eventual downfall.

Dasha pattern

Vimshottari DashaPeriodAge in YearsEvents
Venus 1889- Dec 19070-18Death of brother and father, frequent change of place, mother diagnosed with fatal illness, Keen to become a priest , sang in choir and wanted to become a painter.
SunDec 1907-191318-24Lost his mother, was rejected admission in Art school twice, lonely, homeless and miserable
MoonDec 1913-192324-34Joins army, awarded, despair due to Germany’s loss in WW1, charismatic speaker, Ignited the Nazi party, Wrote the book – Mein Kampf ( My Struggle)
MarsDec 1923-Dec 193034-41Rise of party popularity in German public and Hitler emerging as the undisputed leader of the Nazi party.
RahuDec 1930- 194741-56Invited to form a coalition government, secures absolute power in government, prepared the country for war, started colonization by invading other countries, Assassination attempts, invasion by allies, marriage, suicide

Dwisapatati sama dasa applies if lagna lord is in 7th house or 7th lord is in lagna, In Hitler’s case the dasha is applicable as the lagna lord Venus is in 7th house. He got the dasha of Saturn from 1933 onwards. Saturn is placed in the 10th house and is aspected by Mars. Saturn dasha gave him the position of supreme power in Germany and led to dictatorial tendencies which led to his attack his neighbouring countries and start the war.

Events during Venus Maha dasha

Early life and relations with parents

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria. His mother was the third wife of his father Alois who was a customs officer.  When he was 6 years old, in June 1895 his father Alois retired to Hafeld, where he farmed and kept bees. Hitler attended a state-owned school. The move to Hafeld coincided with the onset of intense father-son conflicts caused by Hitler’s refusal to conform to the strict discipline of his school. His father beat him, although his mother tried to protect him.

Reasons for father son conflict

  1. The domination of Mars in the horoscope and exalted Sun at close exaltation degree makes the person less willing to obey orders.
  2. Ninth house is in R/K axis and is aspected by sixth lord Jupiter.
  3. Sun the karak for father is within 1 degree of Gulik and ninth lord Mercury has influence of both Mars and Saturn.
  4. D-12, 9th lord aspected by Sat and Mars, Sun in ninth house.
  5. Dasha running at that time was Venus – Rahu which is known to bring major upheavals in life.

He was devoted to his mother and she always tried to protect him during fights with his father.The fourth lord is aspecting 4thhouse in D-1 and D-9. Moon is connected to Jupiter in D-1 and D-9.

Plans to become a priest

In 1897 the family moved to Lambach when he was 8-year-old. The eight-year-old Hitler took singing lessons, sang in the church choir, and even considered becoming a priest. This happened during the dasha of Venus – Jupiter. From Venus MD, Jupiter is the 9th lord placed in 9th house.  Jupiter is aspecting 9th house and during that time he was attracted to religious organization.

Singing in the choir

Jupiter the 3rd lord is placed in 3rd house making it strong.  During Venus – Jupiter dasha his artistic interestswere activated. Moon is placed in the third house with 3rd lord Jupiter. The connection with Jupiter with Moon makes him sing in the choir. (We had seen the same combination in the horoscope of Whitney Houston)

Death of Younger brotherin 1900

Hitler was 11 years old when his younger brother Edmunddied from measleson 2 Feb  1900. He was deeply affected by the death of his younger brother.  Hitler changed from a confident, outgoing, conscientious student to a morose, detached boy who constantly fought with his father and teachers.

Dasha running was Venus – Jupiter– Moon – Saturn-Saturn. In D-1, third house is in R / K axis, From Venus MD, third lord Mercury is conjunct with Mars, Sun, Venus (marak) and aspected by Saturn. In D-3, Lagna lord Venus and third house is under malefic influence of Mars and Saturn. Saturn is aspecting them from the 6th house. The death of sibling is clearly seen.

AD lord Jupiter is the 3rd lord and PD lord Moon is placed there.

The event influenced Hitler deeply. In D-4, Maha dasha lord Venus is conjunct with Sat and Mars in the 4th house and is aspected by Sun. Antar dasha lord Jupiter is 3rd lord and Pratyantar dasha lord Moon is in 6th house in R/K axis.

Trimshamsha also clearly shows the affliction to 3rd house. Mercury the 3rd lord in exchange with Mars. Mars and R/K in 3rd house. Venus the marak is in 3rd house. Saturn is placed in the 8th house from there.

Death of Hitler’s father in 1903

His father Alois’s died suddenly on 3 January 1903, Hitler’s was only 14 years old. Dasha running was, Venus- Sat-Mars- Venus- Mercury.

D1 –Ninth lord Mercury is conjunct with MD lord Venus, Sun and Mars are in 7th house and are aspected by Saturn. Ninth House is in R/K axis and is aspected by twelfthlord Jupiter.Sun the karaka is conjunct with Mars, aspected by Saturn and at very close degree with Gulik.

In D-12,MD lord Venus is aspecting ninth house and is conjunct with Mars. Sun is placed in ninth house. The Maha Dasha showed indication of the event. AD lord Saturn is aspecting ninth Lord Moon. Mars is also aspecting 9th house and Mercury is conjunct with 9th lord Moon. The 6-8-12 houses have made a connection with 9th house. Mars is 6th lord, Mercury is 8th lord and Venus is 12th lord.

His performance at school deteriorated and his mother allowed him to leave the school. He enrolled at the Realschule School in September 1904, where his behaviour and performance improved.In 1905, after passing a repeat of the final exam, Hitler left the school without any ambitions for further education or clear plans for a career. Dasha running was Venus – Mercury. Mercury is the 9th lord.

Death of Mother 1907

In January 1907, his mother was diagnosed with advance stage of breast cancer. Hitler was devasted. They moved to a more convenient apartment and his mother underwent surgery. However, it was too late and mother’s condition kept getting worse.Dasha running was Venus – Ketu. Venus is the 8th lord and Ketu is in 3rd house which is 8th from 8th.

Hitler had grand ideas of becoming a famous artist and wanted to enrol in Vienna school of art. The exams were in October. He was so keen to appear that he left his mother at Lintz, withdrew his inheritance money and went to study in Vienna. He failed the exam twice and came back to his mother in November 1907. By now his mother had become very weak.

On 21 December 1907, his mother died of breast cancer at the age of 47. He was only 18 years of age when he lost both his parents.  The doctor treating his mother was a Jew. He later said that he has never seen anyone so overcome with grief as was Hitler at the death of his mother. Imagine a boy who at 18 years of age has lost his beloved mother and has just been told that he is not good enough to pursue his greatest desire of painting. This was the darkest period of his life. He lost his mother at the start of Sun MD. Dasha running was Sun – Sun-  Moon- Ketu-Moon. From MD Sun, Saturn is placed in the 4th house and 4th house is aspected by Mars. Moon and Ketu are placed in the 3rd house which is the house of expenditure of 4th house.

Another thing we have to see is that second house which also denotes the family has the lordship of Mars. Mars is conjunct with Sun and aspected by Saturn which are two malefic planets. In addition,we have seen the 6-8-12 connection. So Venus MD effectively separated him from the people he loved the most.

Shifted residence to Vienna

Hitler moved to Vienna and worked as a casual labourer and watercolour painter. Hitler applied to the Academy of Fine Arts twice and was rejected both times. Lacking money outside of an orphan’s pension and funds from selling postcards, he stayed in homeless shelters.

He faced several hardships during the Sun dasha. Sun is in degree conjunction with Gulik and is GK. It gave him a lot of struggles.Phal Deepika mentions that when Gulik is conjunct with Sun – it gives an early death to father, conjunction with Mars makes a person suffer sorrows due to early death of siblings. Gulik with Mercury – makes a person mentally disturbed, Gulik with Venus makes a person suffer due to bad company of women and has disturbed married life.

Many of these things came true in his life. Whenever the dasha of such planet comes, the person suffers.In the dasha of Sun he lost his mother and was homeless. This was also the time when his anti-Semitism ideas took root. Vienna’s governor was staunchly anti-Jews and many publications of that time blamed Jews for all ills. This was the building block of his later obsession with eliminating Jews.

Let us see impact of Maha Dasha with aspect by Jatak Bharnam:Sun in Aries aspected by Saturn – without enthusiasm, dirty, poor, sad and wicked minded. Sun in Aries aspected by Jupiter – Generous hearted, very rich, king’s minister and best among family. Sun aspected by Mars – Cruel, likes to fight, red eyes, feet, very strong. Connection with two malefic Mars and Saturn and Degree conjunction with Gulik made this dasha extremely painful.

Change in Fortune with Moon Maha dasha

First World War and joining the army

The MD of Moon started on 8th Dec 1913 and life changed for Hitler. Moon is the tenth lord and its dasha gave him a new direction. He returned to Munich In May 1913, and after the outbreak of World War I (1914–18), he volunteered for action in the German army in their war against other European powers and America. During the war he fought on Germany’s Western front with distinction but gained no promotion (advancement) beyond the rank of corporal (a low-ranking military officer). Injured twice, he won several awards for bravery, among them the highly respected Iron Cross First Class.

Moon is the tenth lord. The connection of Mars and Saturn with the 10th house gave him a military career. From the Moon as Lagna, all the yogas shift to 5th house and get connected to the 11th house showing recognition. The 10th lord is now connected to 6 planets. The coming AD dashas of Moon-Mars, Moon-Rahu, Moon- Jupiter were well placed and bound to give him recognition.

In October 1918, he was blinded in a mustard gas attack. Germany surrendered while Hitler was in hospital and he went into a state of great depression, spending lots of time in tears. After the war ended, Hitler’s future seemed uncertain.

When we take Maha dasha lord Moon as Lagna, Saturn is aspecting the 2nd house and Mars the 12th while Ketu is placed in Lagna. At the start of Saturn ADwho is 8th from Moon, he temporarily lost his eyesight and was hospitalized. It was a period of losses and sorrows for him.

Joining the Nazi Party

In the spring of 1919, he found employment as a political officer in the army in Munich.

Fortunes changed again at the start of Moon – Mercury dasha. Mercury is the 9th lord and from Moon he is the 10th lord. Hitler attended a meeting of a small German Workers’ party, a nationalist, anti-Semitic, and socialist group in September 1919 and joined as a member. In 1920 he was put in charge of the party’s propaganda and the party was renamed Nazi party. At that time resentment among German people at the loss of war and the severity of peace terms dictated by allies was very high. The punitive damages claimed from Germany added to the economic woes and brought widespread discontent in Germany.  Conditions were ripe for rise of Nazi party.

He quickly distinguished himself as this party’s most popular and impressive speaker and propagandist and helped to increase its membership dramatically to six thousand by 1921. In July 1921 he became their leader with almost unlimited powers. 

His rise was during the dasha of Moon- Mercury, Moon-Ketu and Moon- Venus. Mercury is the 9th lord, Ketu is conjunct with MD lord Moon and Venus is the LL connected to 11th house from Moon.

By the end of 1923, Hitler had a following of around fifty-six thousand members and many more sympathizers. He started regarding himself as a strong force in Bavarian and German politics. Hitler hoped to use the crisis conditions to stage his own government by overthrow of the Berlin government.

His Mars dasha was approaching and there is no doubt that it had to lead him to overthrow the current regime and take control. For this purpose, he staged a “March on Berlin.” The attempt failed and Hitler was tried for treasonand given one-year imprisonment.

It was during his prison term that many of Hitler’s basic ideas of political strategy and tactics matured. Here he outlined his major plans and beliefs in Mein Kampf (My Struggle. After his release from jail, Hitler reconstituted the party around a group of loyal followers who were to remain the centre of the Nazi movement and state. He continued to rise in popularity during the Mars dasha which lasted from 1923-1930.

Rise to power

With the outbreak of world depression in the 1930s, the fortunes of Hitler’s movement rose rapidly. In the elections of September 1930, the Nazis polled almost 6.5 million votes, and the party had gained undeniable popularity in Germany. In November 1932, President Hindenburg (1847–1934) reluctantly called Hitler to the chancellorship to head a coalition government. Dasha running was Rahu – Rahu. Rahu is placed in the 9th house of D-1. If we make Rahu as Lagna, all the planets make a connection to 11th house. The dasha shows his inevitable and immense rise. In D-10 Rahu isplaced in the 4th house of “Position.”

Absolute Power Within the Government

The first two years in office were almost wholly dedicated to balancing power. He placed several important Nazis in key positions and quickly gained practical control. Hitler rapidly eliminated his political rivals and brought all levels of government and major political institutions under his control.

The death of President Hindenburg in August 1934 cleared the way for Hitler to remove the title of president. By doing this, Hitler officially became Führer (all-powerful ruler) of Germany and thereby head of state, as well as commander in chief of the armed forces. Dasha running was Rahu-Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in the 7th house from Rahu.

Hitler’s rule was demonstrated most impressively in the great Nazi mass rally of 1934 in Nuremberg, Germany, where millions marched in unison and saluted Hitler.

Preparation for war

Once internal control was assured, Hitler began mobilizing Germany’s resources for military conquest and racial domination of central and eastern Europe. He put Germany’s six million unemployed people to work and started preparing the nation for war. Hitler’s propaganda mercilessly attacked the Jews, whom Hitler associated with all internal and external problems in Germany. Most horrifying was Hitler’s instalment of the “final solution” of imprisoning and eventually destroying all Jewish men, women, and children in Himmler’s concentration camps.Foreign relations were similarly directed toward preparation for war and he forged strong alliances. The improvement of Germany’s military position and the acquisition of strong allies set the stage for world war. Dasha running was Jupiter-Saturn. Saturn is placed in the 10th house and is aspected by Mars. All his dictatorial tendencies manifested during the dasha.

The war

On September 1, 1939, Hitler began World War II with his quest to control Europe. The sudden invasion of Poland was immediately followed by the destroying of Jews and the Polish elite, and the beginnings of German colonization. Dasha running was Rahu- Mercury. Rahu we know give a false feeling of invincibility and a person often takes foolhardy decisions. Antar dashas coming were Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun and 7th house related planets dasha with connection to Mars, Sun, Gulik is going to lead to all-out war and eventual loss.

After attacking and winning over most of Europe, on June 22, 1941, the German army advanced on Russia in Operation Barbarossa, which Hitler regarded as Germany’s final struggle for existence and for the creation of the “new order” of German racial domination. This was the biggest blunder he could have made but the dasha running was Rahu – Ketu which led to deception of self and error of judgement. He made the same blunder which Napoleon had made 300 years earlier of attacking Russia during the winters.

The fierce war continued and led to severe loss of life. After early success in battles, German army could not advance to Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad and got a major setback at Stalingrad in 1943. The tide of war started turning against Germany and they began the long retreat from Russia. Dasha running was Rahu-Venus.

A year later, the Western Allied forces of America, England and Russia started advancing on Germanteritory.

German defeat

With the German war efforts collapsing, Hitler withdrew almost entirely from the public. He refused to listen to advice from his military counsellors. He dreamed of miracle bombs and suspected betrayal everywhere. After an unsuccessful assassination attempt on July 20, 1944, by a group of former leading politicians and military men, Hitler’s reign of terror further tightened. Dasha running was Rahu-Venus- Saturn. Venus is the LL placed in 7th house. Saturn is aspecting Venus and is placed in the 2nd house from Rahu. Hitler’s army started getting defeated everywhere.

In the last days of the Nazi rule, with the Russian troops in the suburbs of Berlin, Hitler entered into a last stage of desperation in his underground bunker in Berlin. He ordered Germany destroyed, believing it was not worthy of him. He expelled his trusted lieutenants Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring (1893–1946) from the party and made a last, theatrical appeal to the German nation.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, leaving behind a legacy of evil and terror unequalled by any leader in the modern world. Dasha running was Rahu – Venus- Ketu.

He married his mistress Eva Braun two days before the suicide. Aspects of Jupitar on Rahu, Venus and conjunction with Ketu led to giving respect and honour to his relationship. He had met Eva at the start of Rahu Maha dasha.

Mercury, the dispositor of Rahu is severally afflicted with malefic Sun, Mars and Saturn. From Rahu Maha dasha as Lagna, Moon and Jupiter become Marak. Both are aspecting Rahu from 7th house, the marak bhava. Antar Dasha lord Venus has connection with 6th, 8th and 12th lords and is placed in 7th house, which is marak house. Ketu is placed with the two marakas Moon and Jupiter.

The horoscope has degree conjunction of Mars and Venus, which denotes attraction with opposite sex. Here Venus is lost in planetary war from Mars and is retrograde. The conjunction is happening in Bharani Nakshatra. The main symbol of Bharani is the Yoni, female organ. Such person has an extreme nature and can go to great heights or lows. The combination indicates sexual perversity. It is said that six women who were associated with him committed suicide. Eva Braun also tried to commit suicidethrice during the initial years of their relationship. This way one of the most hated figures of western world, Hitler passed away in history. However, his demise brought in a change in the world order. The allies were forced to gradually give freedom to all the colonies and a new world order prevailed where people started speaking about liberty and justice. Hitler eventually paved way for a better world.