One-third of Pakistan has been completely submerged by historic flooding, its climate minister says. Heavy rainfall from this year’s monsoons has led to floods across Pakistan, with more than 3 crore people affected, and more than 1,000 people killed since June.

Dasha Pattern

The rains started in the dasha of Venus-Saturn-Sun. All the planets are placed in the fourth house and show affliction to its land. Fourth house is sign Cancer which is a water sign.

Venus the karak for water is between malefic planets Saturn and Sun.

Transit in June 22

The rain started from 15th to 22 June when Venus and Rahu were in degree conjunction in Aries, the lagna of Pakistan and aspected by Saturn. The transit conditions of 14 June are shown below.

The floods have become even more severe in the period of Venus-Sat-Moon. Antar dasha lord Moon is the fourth lord conjunct with Mars clearly showing the calamity. Over a 1000 people are reported dead.

The position is likely to improve in September when Venus transits to Leo and stop by 15 September. (Venus becomes combust on 15 Sep)

There is severe hardship to people during the coming 6 months.