Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

Queen Elizabeth’ chart is unique and needs to be studied deeply by all astrology researchers. She was the queen of the United Kingdom and the head of the common wealth. The horoscope was shared by my Guru Sh. K.N. Rao.   Last hundred years saw the fall of most dynasties in the world but she remained strong with high popularity rating. Very few people know that she was not in the direct line of succession to the throne when she was born. Her uncle the Duke of Windsor abdicated the throne, and her father known as George VI became the king. It was her destiny that propelled her father to be the king. While her father ruled the United Kingdom for 16 years, she was the queen for over 70 years.

She was born on 21 Apr 1926 2:48:40 at Greenwich, England.

Promise in the horoscope

Her horoscope has two exalted planets and two debilitated planets which in itself is a rajyog. Lagna lord Saturn in the 11th house is in exchange with exalted Mars. The 4th house symbolizes throne and two exalted planets have made a connection with the fourth house. Fourth lord Mars is placed in Lagna at extreme exaltation at 28.02 degrees. Exalted Sun is placed in the fourth house. Sun is a karak for power and authority. Sun is also moving towards extreme exaltation.

The 7 lord Moon is in own house and show her fame abroad and her rock steady marriage. Jupiter and Moon are forming Gaj kesari yog in 1-7 axis and also canceling the debilitation. Mercury the sixth lord is debilitated and hence becomes raj yog karaka. Sun the 8th lord is exalted in 4 H showing inherited property. 10 the lord Venus is placed in 2 House showing profession related to family. Debilitated planets connected to the third and sixth house are Raj yog karaka. Here third lord Jupiter and sixth lord Mercury is debilitated.

Confirmation from D-9

Lagna of D-9 is Vargottam.  10th lord Venus is placed in 4 H aspecting 10 H. Mercury the 9L placed in 10 H indicates profession related to father. Rahu/ Ketu are vargottam in D9. Jupiter and Moon repeat the Gaj Kesari Yog. All trikona lords are in Kendra confirming a very lucky person. There are strong malefics in the 6 H which shows here enemies will be themselves destroyed.

Dhan Yogas present in the horoscope

Eleventh house is the house of gain. The 11 L Mars is placed in Lagna and is in extreme degree of exaltation.  11th lord connects to 5 planets. There is an exchange between 2nd lord Saturn and 11th lord Mars. 11L Mars is in a Kendra with Jupiter which is a very strong Dhan Yoga as per BPHS.

In D-9, 2L Saturn and 11 L Mars are again connected. 6 planets are connected to 11th H. All trikona lords are in Kendra.

D-10 for Career

10H has Jupiter, Mars and Sun. Mars and Sun are digbali and are showing the position of power and authority. She was the queen of England and also head of the common wealth group of nations.

D-4 for Properties

Lagna of D-4 is vargottam. Exalted sun in 4H is vargottam and symbolizes throne and inherited property. 4 House receives the aspect of Mars the 4L and Jupiter the 11L.

Since it’s a powerful horoscope, an attempt has been made to look at more parameters. Our Guru Sh. K.N. Rao Sir has told us to synthesize so let us assess the strength of horoscope from other angles.

Moon as Lagna

Lagna lord Moon is in Lagna aspected by Jupiter and Mars. 2L Sun is exalted in 10 H. This is showing a family related profession.  3L Mercury is debilitated in 9H aspecting 3H. Debilitation of 3 Lord is considered Rajyog karak. Placement in 9th house, a trikona is a lucky placement. 4L Venus is placed in 8H showing inherited property. Exalted 2 L Sun is aspecting the 4 House. Mars the 10th L) is exalted. Mars is placed in 7H (10th H from 10 H) showing a career spanning 70 years. 6L is debilitated, a raj Yog karak and also shows that enemies are weak.

From Jamini Char Dasha


AK and Amk are together in Lagna at close degree. AK is in Nakshatra of Amk making them in perfect harmony. Amk is exalted aspecting the 5H, 8H, 11H and the Dara karak.

Dhan Yogas as per Jamini

All the Dhan Yogas are present in the horoscope. AK and Amk are together and at close degree. Ak and DK are together, Amk and DK are together, Jupiter with AK are together, Jupiter with Amk are together,Jupiter with DK are together , Ven and moon are aspecting each other.

Dasha Sequence

1926-390-13 yearsMercuryThe 6L and 9L debilitated in the 3 H. Debilitated planet in the 3rd house are considered Rajyog karak.
1939-4613-20 yearsKetuKetu’s dispositor Jupiter is with Mars, the exalted 4L and 11 L
1946-6620-40 yearsVenusYog karak and placed in the 2nd house.
1966-7240-46 yearsSun8L exalted in the 4th house of throne.
1972-8246-56 yearsMoon7 Lord placed in own house.
1982-198956-63 yearsMars4th and 11 Lord, exalted and placed in the Lagna.
1989-200763-79 yearsRahuPlaced in 6 House and Vargottam in Navamsha.
2007 onwards79 years onwardsJupiterDigbali 3rd and 12th L debilitated in Lagna.

Early life – Family

Elizabeth was the first child of Prince Albert, later King George VI. Her father was the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. Her mother was the youngest daughter of a Scottish aristocrat. She belonged to the most influential family.

In D1- Sun is exalted in 4H (karak for father). 9L Mercury though debilitated in 3 House is Rajyog karak and is  aspecting own house. Moon the 7 Lord is placed in own 7H (karak for mother). 4L Mars is exalted in Lagna at extreme exaltation point and asp 4H.

Sister was born in 1930 in Dasha of Mercury- Moon

The karak for sibling Mars is exalted in Lagna and placed with 3L Jupiter. Jupiter is in the Nakshatra of Mars. There is promise of sibling in the horoscope.

In D1, dasha lord Mercury is placed in the 3H. Third lord Jupiter is aspecting Antar Dasha lord Moon. Mars the karak for sibling is aspecting Moon.

Father declared the King in 1936 Me-Jupiter-Sun

The declaration of her father as the king paved way for her to become the future queen of the largest monarchy in the world. In D1MDL Mercury is the 9L aspecting 9H. Mercury is debilitated in 3 House, a Rajyog karak. From MD Mercury as Lagna, the 9L Mars is exalted and is in exchange with 11 L Sat.

From MD Lord Mercury as Lagna, Jupiter is the LL and 10L placed in 11H of gains, conjunct with 9L Mars. From AD Lord Jupiter as Lagna – Mercury is the 9L. PDL Sun is placed in the 4th house of throne and exalted. It had to pave way for her becoming the queen. Sun is also the karak for father.

 Char Dasha – Virgo-Virgo

Virgo is the 9L of D1 symbolizing events related to father and luck. BK Venus is aspecting the 11 H of gains. AK and Amk are placed in the 5th house and are aspecting the 9 House from Virgo. 9PL is placed in Virgo. Virgo is receiving the aspect of 10 PL, 11PL and PL. 

Marriage to Prince Phillip on 20 Nov-1947  Ve-Ve-Mar-Ra-Me

Elizabeth met her future husband, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, in 1934 and 1937.  The couple is second cousins once removed through King Christian IX of Denmark and third cousins through Queen Victoria. Before the marriage, Philip renounced his Greek and Danish titles and converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism.

MDL Venus is natural karak for marriage. PDL Mars is 4L symbolizing happiness and is aspecting the 7 House and 7 Lord Moon from Lagna. Rahu is an unconditional giver of a marriage. Mercury is the 9 Lord symbolizing luck, aspecting 9 House.

Cancer – Aries

Cancer is the 7th House of the horoscope and 7 Lord is placed there. From MDL Cancer as Lagna, AK and Amk have gone to the 7th house and aspecting the 11 House. DK Saturn is aspecting the 7 House and the Lagna. MK Moon is placed in Lagna. ADL Aries is the 4th House of the horoscope. It is the 10 house from Virgo. DK Saturn is aspecting both Cancer and Virgo.

Transit on 20 Nov 1947

The transit position of planets was as under. Transit Saturn was in Cancer, the 7th House and transit Jupiter was placed in the 11 house and aspecting the 7 House from there.  7 Lord Moon is in transit on Lagna and aspecting the 7 House and the Natal Moon. LL Saturn and 7 Lord Moon is in exchange during transit and in close degree conjunction in Lagna and 7 House. Transit Jupiter is placed over natal Saturn. Transit Saturn is aspecting natal Jupiter.

 Birth of Boy – Prince Charles Ven-Ven-Jup-Moon-Moon

Elizabeth gave birth to her first child, Prince Charles, on 14 November 1948. She gave birth to three more children. All were born in the Venus dasha.

MDL Venus is the lord of 5 H symbolizing children. Venus is placed in 2 house of family, unaspected and is promising children. PDL Jupiter, the natural significator of children is aspecting the 5 House. ADL Moon is receiving the aspect of Jupiter. From MD Venus as Lagna, 5th house has Rahu, so a son was born.

Cancer – Pisces

Cancer is the 7th house of the horoscope and Pisces the 12th house. From Cancer as Lagna, PK Mercury is placed in the 9th house of Bhagya. The 11 H receives the aspect of Jupiter (karak) and Mars(the 5 L) PK Mercury is placed in ADL Pisces. From Pisces, Jupiter is placed in the 11 house of gains.

Transit Jupiter and transit Saturn were aspecting the 5 house and natal 5 Lord Venus placed in the 2nd house of the horoscope. Transit Venus also received the aspect of Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn between September and November 1948.

Succession as the Queen – 6 February, 1952 Ven-Moon-Sat-Rahu-Jup

George VI’s health declined during 1951, and Elizabeth was soon frequently standing in for him at public events. In early 1952, Elizabeth and Philip set out for a tour of Australia and New Zealand via Kenya. On 6 February 1952, they had just returned to Nairobi, when word arrived of the death of Elizabeth’s father. She was thus proclaimed queen throughout her realms. She and the Duke of Edinburgh moved into Buckingham Palace.

MDL Venus is the 10 L of the horoscope and a yogkarak. The 9 L from MD Venus is also Venus showing father and 10 H related work both will come into prominence. ADL Moon is the 7 Lord placed in 7 House. It is the house of recognition, also 10th from 10th. PDL Saturn is the LL in exchange with Mars ( 4L and 11 L) Rahu is placed in the 6th house and is vargottam in D-9. Jupiter is conjunct with Mars the 11th lord in Lagna and is also forming Gaj kesari yog with 7L moon.

Cancer – Sagittarius

Cancer is the 7 H of recognition. Also 4th from 4th H of throne. AK and Amk are placed in the 7 House from Cancer, aspecting 11 House of gains. ADL Sagittarius is the 12 House of horoscope also the 6 House from the MD Cancer. She could not have been coronated the queen during the dasha since the 4 House from Sagittarius had debilitated Mercury.

Demise of Father Ven-Moon-Sat-Rahu-Jup

When we take the 9 H as Lagna, Venus is the 2 Lord, Saturn the 6 L, Jupiter the 7 Lord conjunct with Mars the 8 Lord. Hence all are a Marak for father.

Cancer – Sagittarius

From MDL Cancer, BK Venus symbolizing father is in 8 House aspected by GK Sun. From Cancer as lagna, Sagittarius is the 6 House. Sagittarius is the sign of great rise and fall.

Transit on – 6 Feb 1952

Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn are in 3-9 axis. Transit Saturn is placed in the 9 House aspecting natal 9L Mercury in the 3 House. Jupiter is placed over Natal 9 L Mercury. Both 9H and 9 L are under double transit. Transit 9 L Mercury is in exchange with transit LL Saturn.

Coronation on 2 June 1953 Ve- Mars- Sat- Rahu- Mars

The coronation was held in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. By the time of Elizabeth’s accession in 1952, her role as nominal head of multiple independent states was already established.

Venus is yogkarak 5th and 10 Lord of the horoscope in 2nd house showing profession connected to family. Mars is the 4th House of throne and 11th House of gain placed in Lagna. Saturn is the LL in exchange with Mars the 4 L and placed in 11 H. Rahu is Vargottam in Lagna. Placed in 6 H which is considered a good placement for Rahu. Rahu’s dispositor Mercury is debilitated. A debilitated 6 Lord is Rajyog karak. Rahu will give the results of Mercury also the 9L.

Cancer- Libra

Cancer is the 7 House also the 7PL. From Cancer- AK, Amk are in 7 H of recognition. From Cancer, MK Moon is in Lagna, own house. MK also symbolizes throne.  Libra is the 10th House rashi of horoscope and 4 House (of throne) from MD Cancer. From Libra- AK, Amk are in 4th house of throne. MK Moon is in 10th house of profession.

Transit on 2 June 1953

Transit Jupiter is in 5 House and transit Saturn in the 9 House. Both are aspecting 9 H of luck and 11 House of success and gains. 10 L Venus is transiting in 4 House aspecting 10 House. Transit Venus (10 L) is in exchange with transit Mars the 4L and 11 L.  7 planets are aspecting 11 House during transit. Moon the 7 Lord is transiting over Lagna, aspecting the 7H and natal moon.

Six Months World Tour (1953-54) Venus- Mars

Spanning 1953–54, the Queen and her husband embarked on a six-month around-the-world tour. She became the first reigning monarch of Australia and New Zealand to visit those nations. She is the most widely travelled head of state in history. From MDL Venus, LL and 12 L Saturn is in exchange with 11L Mars. It gave her gains and recognition from travels from abroad. From MD Lord, Mars is the 10 L placed in 12 House with 11 Lord Jupiter so work related travel. From AD Mars 12 L Jupiter is in Lagna so confirmation of travels.

Transit on 9 Sep 1953

Transit Jupiter and transit Saturn are aspecting 10 H and 12 H indicating work related travel.  Jupiter the 12 L of horoscope is aspecting the 12 House in transit.

1992 – Worst Year, Annus Horribilis Rahu- Rahu-Moon to Rahu-Rahu- Jupiter

She attempted to save the failing marriage of her eldest son, Charles and his wife, Diana, Princess of Wales. In March, her second son Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York, had separated. In April, her daughter Anne, Princess Royal, had divorced. During a state visit to Germany in October, angry demonstrators in Dresden had thrown eggs at her. Windsor Castle suffered severe fire damage, and the monarchy received increased criticism and public scrutiny.

MDL Rahu is placed in the 6 House of the horoscope. The dispositor of Rahu, Mercury is debilitated in the 3rd house. Mercury’s dispositor Jupiter is also debilitated in Lagna. So Rahu dasha gave lot of troubles. Mercury has the lowest point in Shad bal at 0.9. From Rahu as Lagna, 6L Mars is exalted in the 8 house. There is an exchange between 6L Mars and 8L Saturn. The 7L of public recognition has gone to the 8 House with 6 Lord. From Rahu, AK, Amk are in the 8th House. From Moon the 4L Venus has gone to the 8H hence happiness suffered. From Rahu as Lagna- LL, 4L, 7L, 10L are debilitated leading to major problems.

Aquarius – Sagittarius

Aquarius is the 6th House from Karkamsha Lagna. GK Sun is aspecting Aquarius. AK and Amk are in the 12 H. MK Moon has gone to the 6 H of disputes so happiness suffered. 5H is in Rahu- Ketu Axis and aspect of debilitated PK Mercury on 5H.

Since all children had problems with spouses – 5 Lord is debilitated from Aquarius. 7th Lord from 5 Lord – Sagittarius is also debilitated.

Death on 8 September 2022

Dasha running was Mercury – Rahu-Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter are debilitated. Mercury is the sixth lord of disease, Rahu is placed in the sixth house and Jupiter is the debilitated 12th lord of the horoscope.

She lived a full life and died surrounded by family. Her horoscope is truly remarkable and shows her as the Monarch destined to rule the world.

The article was published in the Journal of Astrology.