Significance of  5 – 11 Axis in a Chart

Significance of  5 – 11 Axis in a Chart

The classic Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra  (BPHS) mentions the significations of fifth House as:

यन्त्रमन्त्रौ तथा विद्यां बुद्धेश्चैव प्रबन्धकम्‌।

पुत्रराज्यापभ्रांशादीन्‌ पश्येत्‌ पुत्रालयाद्‌ बुधः॥ ६॥

yantramantrau- yantras and mantras; tathā – and; vidyām –knowledge/ wisdom; buddheścaiva –intelligence; prabandhakam- composition; putra- progeny/ child; rājyā- kingdom/ state; āpabhrāmśādīn- corruption/ falling down from place of honour; paśyet – see; putrālayād – fifth house/ the place of children; budhah – observe.  The fifth house indicates knowledge, children (sons), planning, status or authority received from the government (or royalty) and other places, fall of position or status etc. The fifth House is part of the dharma trikona along with the first, and the ninth houses.

The House opposite to the fifth House is the eleventh House. eleventh House is the house of gains, of recognition and awards. As per Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, an auspicious eleventh House makes a person happy at all times.

While malefic planets connected to the eleventh  house are good for the significations of the eleventh House, they adversely affect the significations of fifth house and the Jeev of the fifth house which is the child.

Concentration on any one house will lead to the loss of another. This is especially true of the eleventh House which is the strongest of kaam trikona. I looked at the charts of 50 very successful people and assessed how much happiness they got from their children. I found that 70 percent of successful people had problems and issues with their children.

Key learning : Whenever we see a very strong house with many planets connected to it, we also see the house opposite to it and assess the loss of significations of that house.