Are we puppets with our strings tied to an invisible source? Where is the proof that God exists? Why do different people desire different things? Why do bad things happen to good people?
These and many such questions led us towards learning astrology. It is a vast ocean and the learning never stops! In last 15 years, we have journeyed through a lifetime of experiences and fascinating discoveries. Many of these we have chronicled in our case studies.
Astrology is indeed a living proof that God exists and the Karmas (deeds) of a person define his current and future life. It also teaches us to improve our thoughts which would lead to improved actions and deeds resulting in improved karmas.
The salvation lies within.
Join us in this fascinating discovery of how one can accurately predict the future through astrology.
We are grateful to our Guru Sh K.N Rao who has guided and nurtured us. We are also grateful to Col Gour and many other teachers of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and our astrologer friends who have taught us and shared valuable life lessons!

Our Team