Monica D Saxena

Phone: 9899313252

Monica is an experienced astrologer who has researched under the guidance of Sh. K.N. Rao and Col. A.K. Gour since last fifteen years and has worked on several astrological researches. She has published several articles in the Journal of Astrology and was awarded certificate of merits including Shri Ramesh Chander Chowhari Memorial Cash Award from the Institute of Astrology, BVB.
She is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant (ICMA). She is presently director in the consultancy firm Total Synergy Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and has over 30 years of experience. She has worked in the areas of urban sector development, Public Financial Management, EGovernance and ERP projects. She has worked extensively in India, USA, Singapore, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Canada, Hongkong, Maldives, Germany and France. Over the course of her career, she has conducted over 200 workshops and conferences.

As a mother, wife and a professional, she understands the nuances of personal and professional issues faced by others. This reflects well in her predictions.


Jyotish Alankar(Aug 2008-June 2009) Bronze medal

Jyotish Acharya (July 2009 – June 2010) Bronze Medal

Research Scholar (July 2010 – till date) under Sh. K N. Rao and late Col A.K. Gour

Lectures to International Students on Interlinked Destinies and Dasha Synthesis

Cost and Management Accountant (1986-89) Rank holder in India

B Com (Hons)(1983-86)


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